With COBL,
anyone can enjoy coding.

COBL is a coding education tool that makes learning to code easy and interesting and helps users bring their imaginations to life.


COBL supports various softwares for coding education.

COBL provides COBL Scratch for easy and fun coding education, based on MIT Scratch 2.0 and App Inventor

COBL blocks work with a wide-range of other parts.

COBL’s blocks easily connect with a variety of sensors and devices and are compatible with Duplo blocks, making assembly easy and the creative potential endless.

COBL creations can be used in many ways

Beyond being a coding education tool, COBL is also an opportunity for users to engage with IOT, demonstrate a prototype, and is a fun toy for kids

COBL’s content is open-source so that any user can create.

Through COBL's communication channel, COBL shares tutorials and examples for how to use COBL.


From basic coding practice to robotics and IoT



Shall we use IoT with COBL?

You can make an IoT intruder alarm and smart home with COBL blocks. Let’s experience the limitless world of IoT through COBL Scratch and the COBL IoT homepage.

COBL x app inventor

Shall we make a COBL App with App Inventor?

COBL’s App Inventor is in development and the release date is early next year.
See you soon!


Warranty Repair

  • The duration of the warranty is one year from product verification.
  • The limited warranty only covers products that are distributed by COBL.
  • Within the limited warranty period, the product itself or defect parts may be exchanged.

    (the product may be exchanged with refurbished product.)

  • The Scope of warranty covers only functional or performing defects of the product itself. This warranty does not apply in any case to direct or indirect damage or defects derived from the products.
  • Expendables and Periodical replacement parts like USB cable, cable, fan, and sorghum straw are not covered by the warranty.
  • When the warranty is expired, the repair fee may be charged.

Coverage of the Warranty

The warranty does not cover damages caused in case of followings. Reparing requests may be rejected or charge extra cost.

  • damage caused by human factors, accident, misuse of the product
  • damage caused by unauthorized alternation to or change of parts or components of the product
  • damage caused by unauthorized repair


Please contact COBL when you have inquiry regarding sales and repair.

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